6 am in Kiev. Here is what you need to know

The anti-war protester had a sign on one of Russia’s main state television news programs on Monday.

The board reads, “No war. Stop the war. Do not believe the propaganda that they are lying here.”

The last line of the sign reads “Russians are anti-war” in English.

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What we know about the opponent: According to OVD-Info, an anti-human rights watchdog group, the woman holding the identity is an employee of the channel.

On its Telegram channel, OVD-Info reported that the employee was Maria Ovsyanikova. Ovsyannikova’s friends OVD-informed that Ovsyannikova was in the Ostankino police station in Moscow.

Ovsyannikova’s lawyer, Dmitry Zakhvatov, told CNN that despite reports that he was at the police station, his client could not be located.

The Russian state news agency TASS confirmed OVD-Info’s statement quoting a source and said he could face trial.

OVD-Info received a video of what Ovsyannikova allegedly did before interfering with the news broadcast.

“What is happening in Ukraine now is a crime. Russia is an occupier. He mentioned that his father was Ukrainian and his mother was Russian.

“Unfortunately, for the past few years, I’m been working on Channel One and campaigning for the Kremlin, and now I’m very ashamed to think about it,” he says. “Shame on you for allowing the Russian people to zombie, and shame on me for allowing me to tell lies from the TV screens.”

Interruption videos were posted on social media shortly after it aired. Russia received CNN video from a live feed from Channel One VK’s profile.

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Within minutes, that live feed was removed.

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