‘Batman’ surpasses $ 238M, BTS concert movie records

St. Batman.

Robert PattinsonS Batman It was a good win Movie Ticket Ticket StoreIts second weekend topped the 10-day domestic gross of $ 238.5 million with $ 66 million from 4,417 theaters.

Out Spider-Man: No Way Home – It grossed nearly $ 800 million domestically – which is already the best show of the epidemic era at the North American box office.

Batman Falling 50 percent, a relatively slim decline for a major event film. It doesn’t hurt that there are no new broad studio releases over the weekend. First, Pixar and Disney opened Turns red On March 11, but in early January it was announced that the animated film would skip theaters and go directly to Disney + in those countries where the streamer could be accessed.

Abroad this weekend, Turns red Disney + unlocked opened in 12 product markets. Led by Saudi Arabia, the film grossed $ 3.8 million.

Batman It tops the international rankings with $ 224.7 million from 76 markets and $ 66.6 million worldwide to $ 463.2 million. It will open this weekend, without China. Imax has amassed the largest number or the global total of $ 38.7 million.

The superhero film, which cost $ 200 million to produce before being marketed, was a huge (and necessary success) for Warner Bros. and DC. Like Warners, time is coincidental On the edge New owner of Discovery.)

Movement Matt Reeves, The Batman ‘His performance is very impressive considering that it runs for almost three hours and is on the dark side. The PG-13 movie focuses on Bruce Wayne’s fight against crime in earlier days and features a rogue gallery of Batman enemies. Paul Dono plays the RiddlerA serial killer pursued by Batman, while Zoë Gravitz appears as the Catwoman and Colin Farrell as the Penguin.

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Batman It was well received by critics and received A-Cinemascore and strong PostTrack exit scores from the audience.

Of Sony Untitled It topped the charts for its fourth weekend, grossing $ 9.3 million to $ 113.4 million from 3,725 locations. It also raised another $ 11.2 million from 64 markets overseas, reaching $ 300 and grossing $ 301.3 million worldwide on Sunday.

Although there are no new nationwide releases, there are two live performances by the Korean boy band B.D.S.Saturday’s concert in Seoul did big business. BTS allowed to dance on stage: CioI earned $ 6.9 million in North America and became the highest grossing live cinema event of all time, recording the concert at 800 theaters.

And worldwide, its box office is $ 32.6 million (that number will increase once the final numbers are calculated).

The tape late concert movie was also a hit in the US and other markets Batman It was clearly No. 2 in 55 theaters in North America and elsewhere. Top markets include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and Salt Lake City.

Live-event cinema is on the rise – Imax plays a key role in this front – as viewers and distributors are looking for ways to attract moviegoers. Also, theaters can chart more for events like this, and tickets for BTS can cost up to $ 35. (The Metropolitan Opera has been airing Saturday shows of some operas in cinemas for many years, which has become a very successful project.)

According to Enteligens, this is the average ticket price Permission to dance Was $ 35.14. The cost of live broadcasting of the Metropolitan Opera Ariadne on the Naxas Was $ 25.45.

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Feel Good Movie by MGM and United Artists DogPlayed Zoning TatumCame in 4th, down just 13 percent to $ 5.3 million from 3,407 theaters and a total of $ 47.8 million domestically.

Of Sony Spider-Man: No Way Home – Released in mid-December – Ranked in the top 5 with $ 792.3 million in revenue over the weekend and 2,450 to $ 4.1 million to finish the weekend. It is guaranteed to eventually become the third film in past history to cross the $ 800 million mark domestically. Avengers: Endcom ($ 858.4 million) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($ 936.7 million).

Spidey’s global load is $ 1.87 billion, which is the sixth best display of all time and is not conducive to inflation.

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