Critics’ Choice Awards 2022: Live Announcements

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On Sunday evening, Halle Berry accepted the Critics’ Choice Association’s #SeeHer award, which honors a woman who transcends “boundaries in dynamic stereotypes” and promotes “real portrayals of women in the entertainment landscape.”

In doing so, the Oscar winner referred to his latest play. “Injured, ā€¯Introduced as his director. At first I asked the producers why they could not act in it. Then, she asked why it could not run. Twice, “Why not?” Replied.

“And then finally, when the film came out, I had the courage to ask someone what he thought about the film,” Perry said. “And he said, ‘It’s very hard for me to see a woman being beaten and beaten. It made me uncomfortable.

“At the time, I knew why I had to tell this story. I knew the power of the story very well,” she continued. I said.

That, he said, is the power of storytelling: it helps people to consider others and find compassion and empathy for them. Perry said he usually likes the roles that white men play.

Now, he realizes, “for those roles to work, they have to be substantially changed.” “It has to be written with the reality of my journey, with its beauty and all its pain.”

The actress and director said thank you for creating a moment where women can tell their own stories. She concluded:

“We will use our emotional intelligence and tell stories that do not correspond to preconceived notions. No, we will tell stories that see us fully in all our meetings and contradictions because we are optimistic and fearful. We are vulnerable and we are strong. We are beautiful, we are all abused. All, and all at the same time.If we deny our complexity, we deny our humanity.

We will not always be beautiful, we will never be perfect, but we will be honest and true, no matter how embarrassing it may seem to you. These are the stories we have to fight to tell, these are the stories the world needs to see. So, for every little girl who feels unseen and unheard, this is the way to tell yourself, ‘We love you, we see you. And you deserve all the benefits in this world.

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