Lieutenant Governor Benjamin was arrested on a charge of campaign finance

In Albany, he was a leading supporter of the criminal justice reform measures passed by the Democrats after winning a majority in 2018. He finished fourth in the primary race for Democrat control last year.

Mrs. Hochul Benjamin was elected his deputy governor Last August, Mr. Shortly after Guomo’s resignation, he became governor. Ms. Hochul, a buffalo moderate, said the decision was widely seen as a way to expand her appeal to non-white voters in New York City ahead of this year’s election.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Had already been published Reports of The City At that time Mr. Benjamin’s campaign shows that he has benefited from explicit straw donations and ethical concerns about his use of campaign funds for wedding celebrations and automobile expenses. (Mr. Benjamin later reimbursed the dubious contributions and agreed to reimburse the questionable campaign expenses.)

The duties of the rank of Lieutenant Governor will vary depending on the administration. Mr. In the eight months since Benjamin’s inauguration, he has kept a vigorous schedule of official events, often chairing the state senate and representing Ms Hochula at events in New York City. As Ms. Hochulin’s experience has shown, the most important function of the Lieutenant Governor is to take action if the Governor resigns or dies in office.

Mr. Benjamin faces two strong primary rivals: Diana Raina, former New York City councilor and Ana Maria Archila, with the support of the left-leaning working families party.

If she defeats him and Ms Hochul still wins her race, she will find herself in the Democratic seat by the governor with a relatively opposition rival in this fall general election.

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Mr. News of Benjamin’s arrest spread throughout Harlem’s political community on Tuesday, with many declaring him innocent. From the chairman of the Central Harlem Community Board the high-ranking Mr. Benjamin was considered a rising star. When Ms. Hochul announced her appointment, she did so at 125th Street in Harlem.

“When it’s all over, all I know is this: Brian did nothing to break the law,” says Hazel N. Mr. Dukes, President of the New York State NAACP; Benjamin’s political guides.

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