Look at the daily life of the Ukrainians in Lviv

Estonia’s Prime Minister Gaja Gallus is taking part in a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on March 9. (Frederick Florin / AFP / Getty Images)

“Putin should not win this war,” Estonian Prime Minister Gaja Gallus told CNN’s Jack Tapper on Sunday, adding that it was “heartbreaking” to see what Russia was doing in Ukraine.

“We will do everything we can to support and assist Ukraine in fighting this war. Putin should not win this war,” Gallos told the State of the Union.

Attending the upcoming NATO summit, Gallus said NATO’s strategy should focus on ending the war using “intelligent control”, that is, raising NATO nations from a “preventive stance” to a “secure posture”. Focuses on contributing and cooperating to strengthen the security of each nation and ultimately NATO.

“Any individual state has some very valuable capabilities, but if we put them together in Europe to defend our territories, we are strong,” he said, adding that “nations must move to isolate Russia at all political levels. It is possible.”

When asked about Poland’s proposal to send a peacekeeping force to Ukraine, Kalas said that peace must be achieved first and that Russia has shown no intention of achieving it.

“We can have a peacekeeping mission only if we have peace, but if you look at what is happening in Ukraine, you know that there is no peace there. It’s a war going on, I do not see Russia intending to do anything to achieve peace. We have to have, and then adhere to, “he said.” Sometimes we have to be prepared to use military force to achieve peace. ”

Gallos said there was no possibility of a third world war in Europe and that there should be an effort to end the war.

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Gallos also compared the deportation in Mariupol to what Russia did in the 1940s when the Estonians were placed in “cattle cars” sent to Siberia.

He said Putin was feeding right-wing stories in Europe and the United States by creating a refugee crisis.

“He is creating this huge migration pressure to Europe and what we see in different countries, we now see it taking on a distant tone” and did not help the refugees coming from Ukraine, he added.

“The enemy is Russia, not refugees,” Gallos said.

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