Trump commits ‘many’ crimes, resigns New York lawyer – report | Donald Trump

The New York Times reported that a Manhattan lawyer who investigated Donald Trump’s financial dealings believed in a resignation letter that Trump was “guilty of a number of criminal offenses” and that the new district attorney had not been prosecuted.

Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne, two top lawyers in the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation into Trump, abruptly resigned last month. Among the reports An investigation into the former president’s finances has begun.

Newly elected District Attorney Alvin Brock is said to be more skeptical than ever that the evidence gathered by his office attorneys against Trump will be sufficient to convict him.

In a February Resignation letter Pomerantz wrote that the panel of lawyers investigating Trump, obtained by the New York Times, “no doubt” that he had “committed crimes” and that Brock’s decision not to prosecute Trump “would destroy any future chances of Mr. Trump being prosecuted.” We are investigating for criminal conduct.

“His financial statements are inaccurate and he has a long history of fabricating information about his personal finances and lying about his assets to many, including banks, the national media, the opposition and the American people,” Pomerantz wrote.

The clock is ticking as the current term of the Grand Jury examining witnesses in the case against Trump ends in April.

Trump’s lawyer Ronald Fischetti told the Guardian that the resignation letter simply reflected his client’s “innocence” in failing to file a concrete legal case against the former president.

“There have been several occasions to meet with Pomarants District Attorney Alvin Brock and his senior staff, who point out exactly what he wanted to present to the Grand Jury in order to obtain an indictment, and he failed,” Fishetti said. “He could not convince the DA and his senior staff that he had enough evidence to guarantee the charge.”

“Mr Brock should be commended for doing this, not in terms of politics, but in terms of the law he is supposed to do,” Fishetti said.

While the resignation letter acknowledged that the case against Trump was challenging and that there were “risks” in bringing it to court, it argued that there was a strong public interest in prosecuting Trump “even if the sentence is not certain.”

Pomerantz wrote that former Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, who was deeply involved in the case, “led the panel to submit evidence to a larger jury and get the charges against Mr Trump and the other defendants fairly quickly.” , But Prague, who took office this January, reviewed the case and disagreed.

Pomerantz believed that Brock’s decision not to accept Trump’s accusation was “made in good faith” but “false and completely contrary to the public interest.”

Pomerantz did not respond to a request for comment.

“The investigation is ongoing,” the district attorney’s spokesman, Daniel Filson, wrote in an email. “A team of experienced lawyers works every day to follow the facts and the law. We can say or not say anything at this moment about the ongoing investigation.

A spokesman for the Trump organization called Bomarnds “never Trump.” New York Times.

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